About Me

Amber Paige is a new author focusing on fluffy, HEA's, and spicy novels. She's a big mood reader and writer, but once something captures her attention, she hyper-focuses on it. She mainly writes fiction, romance, and fantasy but isn't afraid to drive into another genre if it calls to her. She writes from her laptop, either in bed or on the couch, with a cat by her side. When she's not overanalyzing commas or letting her imposter syndrome get the best of her, you can find her playing video games, watching too much TV, reading, writing, or hanging out with her husband and three cats.

Why did I become an Indie Author?

Ever since I was a kid, I loved the idea of writing, but I could never get myself into it. Years went by, and nothing happened. When I was fifteen, I fell ill, and I relied on daydreaming for an escape. Hence how the story of Symbol of Hope was born. I chose to become an Indie Author because of the freedom!


My Manager

Finn ensures I don’t take on too many WIPs by staring at me, and judging me harshly.

My Supervisor.

Zuko ensures I write and don’t fall off track.

My Emotional Support.

Akko makes sure that I’m not overthinking, and she gives the best cuddles.

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