Symbol of Hope

Official Blurb:

I didn’t know my true identity until I was twelve. When the King of Altana arrived and told me I was his daughter.

In one day, my life was flipped upside down, twisted and formed into a tangled ball.

Traumatic doesn’t even begin to describe that moment in time.

The one thing I look back on is my best friend and the promise he made me. Adrian gifted me a necklace, vowing he would rescue me one day when we’re older. Hope is a funny thing, I carried it around for years. Waiting for the day my knight in shining armor would whisk me away.

That’s not how life works though.

Ten years pass. I’ve accepted my destiny to become the first female heir crowned to rule Altana. Sure, my stepmother and stepsister hate me. But who doesn’t have daily challenges? My life settles into place, that is until the universe turns my world upside down again.

A horrific attack, a proposition to wed, a dashing Prince and his mysterious bodyguard, now stroll the castle halls. The past keeps haunting me, along with old and new trauma.

Will I ever see my mother and best friend again? Will my world ever stop crumbling under my


Adventure, romance, and mystery knocks on my door.

Should I answer the call?

Troupes Include:

Slow Burn Romance

Destined Love

Second Chances

Princess/ Bodyguard





Coming of Age

Royal Romance


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